Our Philosophy

At ABC we encourage a natural flow of learning that fits in with our community and environment. As much learning as possible takes place outside with a more 'project based' curriculum such as building and botanical projects.  

We have a structured approach with a Holistic belief. Combining both traditional and holistic syllabus.  

The Learner-Centered approach is what we relate to best.

Regular visits from 'Guest Teachers' are invited to be a part of the curriculum, thus bringing new energy, different learning styles and expertise in interesting and new fields to enhance the children's learning spectrum. 


The children’s individual learning requirements are assessed regularly and prioritized.  Parental involvement in both the children’s learning and the running of the school is encouraged.


How the school started

After talking about starting a school for more than 3 years, four mothers put our words into action and decided to finally start a school.  None of us are experienced teachers, but with years of homeschooling, international education and a published book, we put brains, ideas, energy, and money together - not to mention years of living in Sri Lanka so knowing when, where, and how to get things done - and started WAVEducation - Arugam Bay College.  We opened in January 2019.


The first year was very challenging with 4 strong characters running the new school, a couple of teachers, and a bunch of kids just going with our flow.  We soon realized that on-line schooling for the senior kids was going to work out much better.  And so after 6 months, the older kids transitioned into On-Line Schooling.  Which proved to be a much better option a year later when cvd19 took over our planet.

With the older kids at home, 3 mums decided to pull out from running the school.  With too much time, money, energy and efforts put into the school already, it would have been a shame to see it disintegrate.  So the last mum decided to take hold of the rains and slowly lean towards the Learner-Centrered Education (Finland's renowned curriculum) and continue with Kindergarten and Primary section of the school and help grow the school as the kids grow, so that the small 'foreign' community of the village can have an international and holistic based education for their kids.

our staff


Specialized in Grade1-6, Brandy was nominated top 3 primary teacher in the state of Florida.  She has a structured approach with a holistic vibe.  Brandy is currently in the US waiting for the birth of their third child. 

Brandy should be back in August  2021


Our Kindergarten Teacher is from Pottuvil. Ayesha is Montessori trained and is great with arts and crafts for the little ones. 

Ayesha is fluent in English, Tamil and Sinhala and is a great asset for local kids to transition into English Medium education.
Ayesha joined ABC in September 2019



Helping out with extra curriculum activities, Twiggy is our Chess teacher.  If you can beat him at chess we will buy you pizza!  

Twiggy is also a great artist and musician.



Our fabulous Nursery Assistant and cleaner, Ramzeiya helps out with the little ones during play time, snack time, crafts and the odd trip to the bathrooms.  

Ramzeiya is from Arugam Bay




The last of the original 4 founders of the school, Raffaella is currently managing and running the school full time and voluntarily. 

Raffaella's 6yo daughter also attends the school.


Shamali is our Sinhalese teacher for conversational singhalese, play, dance and drawing. Some kids remember her from the local Montessori near the temple.

Shamali is from Paanama.