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Academic Enrichment

​​Key Stage 1  (Year 1 and Year 2) from ages between 6 and 8,

covering English, Maths, and Science.  Working as individuals

or in a group, the kids will cover the subjects with hands on, problem solving, communication, and practical skills.

Grade 1 and 2 

English: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening; Communication.

Science: Plants, Animals, Humans, Materials; Mathematics.

Environmental Studies; Ethics; Visual Arts; Crafts; Music and PE; Guidance Counselling.

Grade 3 to 6

English; Second national language; Mathematic; Environmental Studies; Ethics; Geography; History; Social Studies; Visual Arts; Crafts; Music and PE; Guidance Counselling.

Fees for 2024:

Admission fee, one-time payment of 20,000Rs per child

Grade 1 & 2: 18,000 per month (198,000LKR per year)

Grade 3 to 6: 19,000 per month (209,000LKR per year)


holiday dates

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